Breakers West Country Club Wedding DJ Palm Beach

This is more of a general post but I wanted to write about Breakers West Country Club in Royal Palm Beach Florida. We have been providing DJ services for the past 20 years at this venue and always enjoy working with the staff and guests throughout each and every party and wedding reception. They have a gorgeous golf course on the downstairs level and an amazing ballroom upstairs that holds a large number of guests. The layout is great for our photo booth and DJ setup. Some brides and grooms request the ceremony to be inside and some like it outside on the course. Regardless, they have a fast turnaround time and efficient staff. The have a separate room where a buffet can be setup and a fantastic bar area to serve drinks and have your cocktail hour. Whatever kind of event you're having wedding, mitzvah, dance, sweet 16 or other, checkout Breakers West.

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