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What Types of Events Do you Perform at?

Virtually any event that needs music we can provide our services. Everything from Weddings to dinner dances, birthdays to kids events, school dances to festivals, anniversaries to baby showers and anything else. If you're not sure about your event feel free to ask us.

When Should I book your services?

We always want to be available for your event. We are a first come first serve company and we book up very quickly. We recommend as soon as you have the basic details set to inquire with us. There are many popular dates and some get booked up to a year in advance. It's never too soon to book us.

How do we book your service?

Check with us on availability by email or phone, we send you a DJ contract to fill out and send back to us. There's a small deposit and the remainder can be paid the week of your event. We make it super easy!

Are you licensed and insured?

Why does a DJ company need to be licensed and insured? There hundreds of hobbyists and part time DJs. We are a full time company and this is all we do. We are very serious about the legality of our services and are licensed to provide services in the state of Florida and are insured to perform at any facility. We want to be covered in-case of any issues or injuries this is why we carry up to $2,000,000 in insurance coverage.

Is there anything I need to provide?

Mainly the only thing that you would need to provide is an electrical outlet. We need power in order to provide most of our services. We do carry optional battery power for wedding ceremonies. We can also make arrangements to have generator power if needed. There is nothing else that is required. If outdoors having a covered area is a plus.

How involved does the DJ get?

Here at DJ Billman we provide just the right amount of interaction. Whether you're having a party that doesn't require much talking on the microphone we can keep the music flowing and keep announcements to a minimum. We can also provide moderate interaction where we are not annoying your guests but have some energy to keep things lively. We can also interact with the crowd and motivate them on the dance floor. We will interact however you would like.

Can we see you in action?

Normally if we invited our potential customers to a wedding or party that is booked with us it might make our guest of honor feel uncomfortable. It would be the same way if we invited someone to your event, so unfortunately we don't do that. We have a great reputation, lots of customer reviews and ratings available to view.

Back Ups and Emergencies?

We will be there regardless of the situation. We have backup staff that will always be on hand in case of an emergency. We also carry double of everything so the event continues with very minimal interruptions if any.

Why do you charge the prices you do?

It's the absolute truth, you do get what you pay for. Our prices are based on including quality equipment, good insurance for your venue and behind the scenes items needed to ensure your event goes great. The DJ makes or breaks the party. Your guests don't remember most things at an event but often times remember how the entertainment was. You want microphones that work properly, music that sounds great and the right personality for the job. Hiring a person who doesn't know the flow of your event could be a disaster.

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